Safety Management 

We work with parties to actively manage the risk and control systems across the supply chain. We work with the existing corporate and site systems and align them with the project risk decisions.   

Our Services

COR Assure focus on safety (Occupational Health and Safety / Workplace Health and Safety) covers on your site through your systems and controls and the systems and controls of parties with the potential to impact on your people, your site, your operations and your supply chain.

Safety in the Work Environment

We work with buyers of site owners across:

  • people coming to site and on site
  • materials coming to and leaving site
  • plant and equipment coming to and leaving site
  • transport providers coming to and leaving site
  • project management controls

Our Strategy

Consistent with Risk and Safety principles and practices under ISO 31000 and ISO 45001, we review the systems and controls across the site owner, the project manager and other site parties across inbound and outbound activities.

Our Methodology

We start with the project and site risk to understand the expected corporate outcomes.  Through reviewing the corporate and operational activities we determine the opportunities for improvement and the necessary adjustments.

For systems, we review the scope, issues, compliance and standards to be applied under the system.  We work with clients under their system and scope to ensure our solution will give meaningful insight into the supply chain issues and the potential for supply chain interruption.

Why operate to ISO 31000 and ISO 45001

Whether an organisation chooses to be audited to an ISO Standard or not, the methodology recognised by the ISO is a common and rigorous approach that enable all business issues to be addressed and for improvements to be made across the supply chain.  Used on a proactive basis, the ISO reinforces the Plan-DO-Check-Act approach that works to capture opportunities for improvement.

Connecting ISO qualifications, Legal and Industry qualifications, COR Assure people work with you to increase efficiencies in your supply chain.

About this Process

Using Quality Assurance across risk and compliance COR Assure provides a customsied services across a range of operations and disciplines.  Our services under the Scope are designed to align with your business and your logistic requirements.

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