Internal Assessment

Our clients have clear customer focus that is underpinned by their strong internal systems.

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However there a number areas where their systems may not provide coverage.  For example:

  • damage to reputation, linked to the actions of a contracted party
  • uninsurable events, such as a breach of a local law
  • supply chain interruption, including transport fail over or food recall

Internal Systems

COR Assure can operate under a Bring Your Own (BYO) Management System, Nominated Third Party (NTP) Management Systems or under Agreed Assessment Methodology (AAM).  We support and strengthen the internal systems of our clients to enable integration with COR Assure solutions.

COR Assure works with internal audit or quality under BYO, NTP or AAM under the relevant scope having regard to:

  • relevant standard (ISO, jurisdiction based standard, industry standard)
  • hazards, risks and controls
  • compliance obligations
  • organisational standards
  • organisational or client specifications

The outputs from the review can be used for:

  • Audit purposes
  • General check
  • Alignment with client requirements
  • Identifying system overlaps