board & management reports

COR Assure can operate under a Bring Your Own (BYO) Management System, Nominated Third Party (NTP) Management Systems or under Agreed Assessment Methodology (AAM).


Where the initial scope of works requires integration across corporate risk reporting and corporate risk systems, COR Assure has the tools to provide:

  • integrated with internal reporting and KPIs
  • contract management reporting
  • management reporting
  • board reporting


Boards are increasingly being filled by people who aren’t rusted-on supporters or former players. Positions are more and more being filled by skills based appointments and these people are there to make decisions and provide strategic input into the organisation to help it move and grow. As a result, the information they use to make these decisions can’t be filled with fluff and propaganda. Instead, it needs to be factual and to the point. Some of the areas you must share information about, to help the Board make informed decisions, are:

  • current results v forecast/budget
  • emerging issues
  • upcoming important events/happenings that the Board need to attend or know what to speak to/about
  • any issues, losses or changes (both from a client and staff perspective) that will impact any forecasts