Prequalification  Management 

Our integrated prequalification management system (IPMS) combines all related components of a business into one system for easier management  of contractors and suppliers. 

Our Pre-Qualification Services

Our systems are not separate systems, rather they are integrated with linkages so that similar processes are seamlessly managed and executed without duplication.  This integrated prequalification management system will have a positive impact on your risk management system components and outcomes such as improvements in quality, safety, risk, environment and productivity.  Each contractor / supplier is unique on our system and is tailor made to suit each clients business needs based on Global Standards.  Our systems offer:

  • Ongoing verification of contractor’s insurance certificates

  • An online WHS, COR, Environmental and Modern Slavery assessment completed by contractors and reviewed by our highly qualified safety specialists

  • Dashboard reporting and regular contractor exception reporting via email

  • Specialised features and functions that assist with a variety of contractor management requirements for better Risk Management.

Integrated Prequalification Management System

This approach builds Client confidence to manage strategic, operational and task level risks in a holistic manner integrated across disciplines such as:

  • Quality
  • Risk
  • Safety
  • Environment
  • Food Safety
  • Human health
  • Logistics
  • Animal Welfare
  • Chemicals

    Our Pricing 

    COR Assure offers a single procing program that allopws all parties to benefits from the prequalification program.  Prequalification frameworks provide benefits to contractors and suppliers.

    As buyers, busiensses benefit from being able to:

    • access a panel of expert resources that can deliver quality goods and services
    • more efficiently run competitive tendering processes by tapping into a group of suppliers with a demonstrated track record.

    As suppliers, we aim to provide benefits to suppliers by:

    • reducing red tape and lowering costs when doing business with organisations
    • simplifying terms and conditions
    • enabling immediate access to an online, self-service application and assessment process
    • providing the ability to apply for inclusion in a purchasing framework at any time, not just during application windows
    • categorising business opportunities by regions and categories, where we can.

    Our Methodology

    One of the top benefits of implementing an integrated prequalification management system is being able to align the standards of supplier and contractors to ensure consistency of servcies.  These may include reviews of plans, policies, objectives, processes or resources 

    Our systematic approach offers support for all parties to approach and enable a practical, efficient and effective systems to gain confidence across individual supplier and contractor and their intersecting supply chain delivery points.


    Benefits to the Contractors include:

    • Feedback from qualified risk management  specialists on their risk capabilities and documentation

    • Online management of insurances, trade licenses and other relevant documents

    • Exposure to organisations throughout Australia who may require their services

    • Cost effective solution for demonstrating and promoting their WHS capabilities

    • COR Assures customer service support systems 

    About this Process

    Using our prequalification assurance program across risk management areas provides a customsied approach to services and support across a range of operations and disciplines.  

    COR Assure clients also have access to a large pool of prequalified contractors across the country with the ability to search by location, business type and prequalification status.

    COR Assures experienced client implementation team are there to guide clients through the creation of unique IPMS client sites and provides training for staff in order to enable them to get the most out of their new contractor management system.  Our friendly and efficient online support team provides ongoing email and telephone support for both clients and contractors.

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