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The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) prescribes certain requirements and obligations to ensure compliance and safety for all parties in the transport supply chain.

The CoR laws within the HVNL also import a requirement to have safety systems and controls in your operations to identify, assess and manage risks as they relate to your business and activities within the supply chain. 

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Pre -Qualification

Quality Assurance across risk and compliance 


Operating to the Business Continuity plan for the effectiveness of systems and controls.

Transport & Logistics ISO Accredited

Consistent with ISO, International or jurisdiction standard of the effectiveness of systems and controls.

Site Access Management

Designed to align with your business and your logistic requirements.

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International Pre-Qualification

The prequalification accreditation system classifies contractors who wish to tender and work for companies relatiing to Transport and Logistics acitivities. The accreditation is based on the contractor’s technical and managerial expertise, financial capacity and previous performance. 

Contractors seeking to prequalify under the system must apply directly with the participating organisations of their choice. Once prequalified, eligible contractors may seek to have their prequalification status recognised by other participating agencies – subject to certain restrictions and conditions.

The key features of the COR Assure includes:
• consistent eligibility requirements and prequalification categories across Participating  Organisations;
• a company that is prequalified in one jurisdiction may have that prequalification recognised by other Participating Organisations;
• minimisation of unique localised systems and requirements;
• consistent contractor performance reporting and sharing of this information across other organisations; and
• the promotion of best practice in the road transport and logistics industry.




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We’ve Been in Accreditation For Over 15 Years

COR Assure services are based on a deep understanding and capacity across the customers of and providers of logistics and transport.  We have leveraged that experience for your benefit to support your business.   Through industry and sub-industry experience we have been able to provide an assurance system integrated with our client’s internal quality assurance systems to provide meaningful reports based on meaningful data.

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Logistics risk is an inherent element of providing high levels of customer service. When your transport provider does not provide the best customer service, you are not providing the best customer service.

For Buyers
  • access to panels of a wider range of expert resources that can assist in development of business cases and project quality assurance reports
  • streamlined competitive tendering processes by accessing prequalified suppliers with a demonstrated track record
  • enhanced probity standards through third-party assessment and selection of suppliers.
For Suppliers
  • a significant reduction in red tape and cost in doing business with government
  • the removal of the management fee previously levied on suppliers
  • simplified scheme terms and conditions
  • a self-service, online application process
  • apply for business opportunities by regions and categories, where available.

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