We work with the existing systems to better align them with the agreed expectations of the parties to limit the introduction of a non-conformance into the supply chain.

Our Services

Quality management objectives are well understood.  It is important that supply chain and logistics are managed to the same standard and in a consistent manner for the QA.  We work with clients to align the controls for supply chain and logistics, with the systems and controls in place under the QA system.

Through our sophisticated approach COR Assure allows clients to gain control over the logistics task through ensuring that the parties involved are properly aligned to existing management systems.

Quality Management Systems

We work with owners of quality systems to extend their QA systems to transport, and the use and access of transport services.  We work with the strength of the system owner’s QA system and augment their controls to oversight of the risk profile and performance of transport services.

Our Strategy

Working to Quality Management Systems ISO 9001, we review the activities of the parties to understand the alignment of risk and controls across the supply chain. 


Our Methodology

We start with the QA systems, processes and controls.  Assess the scope, issues, compliance and standards requirements, against the organisational objectives.  Through reviewing supply chain corporate and operational approaches we determine the opportunities for improvement and the necessary adjustments.

About this Process

Using Quality Assurance across risk and compliance COR Assure provides a customsied services across a range of operations and disciplines.  Our services under the Scope are designed to align with your business and your logistic requirements.

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