Welcome to the CPB Contractors Registration Centre

CPB Contractors is the Australasian construction company of the CIMIC Group.

CPB Contractors combine the construction expertise and track record formerly delivered by Leighton Contractors and Thiess, along with the people and projects of Leighton Asia and the CPB Contractors subsidiary Broad Construction.

Through working closely with clients and partners, CPB Contractors projects connect communities, play a key role in urban and rural development, help drive economic growth and provide vital long-term infrastructure.

What are the requirements of CPB Contractors?

CPB Contractors are seeking a Chain of Responsibility [COR] Management Plan that includes your role in the chain of responsibility, for your supply, addressing:

  • the elements covered by the Heavy Vehicle National Law – Mass, Dimension, Load Restraint, Speed, Fatigue and Vehicle Standards [Hazards]
  • your role as a supply chain party and your responsibilities as a supply chain party under the Heavy Vehicle National Law [Risk Assessment]
  • the risk treatments/controls to control standards, engineering or better  [COR [Risk] Management Plan covering – eliminate, isolate, substitute, engineer out]
  • as required, to cover management of other parties engaged in the provision of services [Sub-Contractor Management Interface]
  • as required, training [TNA/Training Plan]
  • the approach to identifying and responding to non-conformances [COR [Risk] Management Plan]

CPB Contractors when undertaking an audit against the COR MP will review any supporting documents such as SWMS, Policies, Procedures.  While not mandatory for the COR Assure Review, these documents will need to be accessible for a CPB Contractors audit.  They may be included as appendixes, but are not mandatory.

Why these requirements from CPB Contractors?

The process adopted by CPB Contractors is aimed at:

  • reducing projects liability
  • promoting safety outcomes
  • an effective chain of responsibility management approach across the construction program

The expectation is that third party validation will assist CPB Contractors in assessing whether the COR/HVNL management plan adequately covers the HVNL elements.

Why has CPB Contractors nominated us as auditor?

CPB Contractors understands the obligation on CPB Contractors, to do all things reasonably practicable under the HVNL. CPB Contractors understands this necessitates ensuring quality control of the audits (not just audits of subcontractors). CPB Contractors has determined that not all auditors will be competent in the specialised area of road transport with knowledge of relevant legislation and practice.

For this project CPB Contractors has determined that by permitting audits to be performed by an auditor, without reference to competence in road transport, that CPB Contractors would not be able to meet its expectations for COR/HVNL.

CPB Contractors has nominated a preferred Chain of Responsibility Auditor.  COR Assure has been assessed by the project as competent for the requirements of CPB Contractors.

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