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Chain of Responsibility

The logistics task can be highly variable.  However, that does not make the management of logistics a complicated or unmanageable task.  We work with clients to ensure they move past the jargon and unnecessary difficulties thrown up by the transport task.

Through our sophisticated approach COR Assure allows clients to gain control over the logistics task through ensuring that the parties involved are properly aligned to the logistic tasks.

Our Approach

We work with buyers to improve operations and alignment of services.  This applies to the purchase of:

  • logistics function (road, rail, air, sea, warehousing, distribution)
  • delivery of goods using road transport
  • delivery and removal of materials, plant or equipment using road transport
  • supply of service with embedded road transport (wet/dry hire)

Our Strategy

Consistent with Quality and Risk principles and practices under ISO 9001, ISO 30001 and ISO 45001, we assess the alignment of risk and controls across the supply chain to meet the agreed expectations of the buyer of the service.

Our Methodology

We start with the current risk allocation position and the current systems to control those risks under the corporate outcomes.  We use corporate and operational tools to determine the strength of the business and opportunities for improvement.

Your Starting Point

Where there is an existing Management System or Management Plan, we will work to align COR MP with your OHS/WHS and ENV or Risk Systems.  Where this is not possible or practical we will work with you to develop a COR MP that aligns with your operations and meets CPB Contractor’s requirements.


Prices have been set to reflect the complexity of the business operations and the expected complexity of COR MP and COR Management System.  Where we consider that a more appropriate product applies we will consult with you before proceeding.  Once COR Assure has received sufficient evidence of the existence of an appropriate COR MP, COR Assure will issue a statement of conformance which can be supplied to CPB Contractors, as required by CPB Contractors.

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CPB Contractors requirements for a COR MP / HVNL MP